Google Places for Online Marketing: Why Your Business Need A Google Places Listing

It is only recently that Google Places was launched but what it has done for Online Marketing of millions of businesses is nothing less than spectacular. If you do not have a clue as to what this is, let me briefly fill you in.



Google Places is a provision by the world’s largest search engine for businesses to map themselves on to Google Maps. As a business owner, you simply need to specify the address of your business and provide a few other relevant details and your business will appear on Google maps. It doesn’t matter where your business is on this earth, this service will work for you.


I know you can already imagine the huge benefits a listing would bring to your business. I will tell you more, which you probably have not even thought of.


Google Places if FREE…that’s not obvious!

Online marketing has become very powerful and businesses are actually investing in and paying thousands of dollars for it. I am sure millions of businesses around the world would be more than willing to pay to be listed here; yet, it is all free for you to use. Your Business appears on Google’s first page


Does that sound too good? Well, it is true. If you optimise your listing properly, it will boost your rank and you will appear on the top of the very first page of Google’s search results. Keep in mind that it will not only be a listing on this page, but a map showing your business’s actual location.


Google Places is more than just an online presence

When you are listed on Google Places, people will not only find your business when they search the internet, they will also see your website, email address, your business’s physical address and the phone number. This makes it very easy for customers to find your business and even get in touch with you if they need to Mobile users will find you too.


People do not need to browse on a computer to find business listings. Google was keen to help businesses tap into the potential of millions of people searching for goods and services over their mobile phones. This is definitely to the great advantage of business owners as they get more traffic and thus more new customers.


You don’t need to have a physical location

It is not mandatory that you have a physical store for you to be accepted for a listing. If your business is purely online, you can still get listed and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.



Online Marketing is, without a doubt, the future of marketing. How many people still use the paper phone directories? With the trend being experienced today, no one needs to be told that these directories are soon becoming extinct and their place taken by online business listing services. So, why should you be left out while your competitors get listed on Google Places?