5 simple steps to create an amazing blog

You blog may be a approach for potential customers and business partners to get to understand you, to know if you really know what you’re talking about, and also for others in your business to find out a lot of and share your content.

The main thing of a blog is to get comments, questions and shares – however the primary step is to begin writing. Yes, it may be a bit daunting, however we’ve got helpfully created our five simple steps to create an amazing blog for you, straight from IMPELVATE Web Solutions!

We hope you enjoy this, and do share us how you get inspired to write your blog.


Blogging can be a great way to increase website traffic and help your small business. Sometimes, however, it can feel impossible to come up with more ideas for your blog. There are days when your creativity tank seems to be running on empty. As you probably know, though, consistency is key, and you’ll still need to post when you’re struggling to come up with topics. When you’re short on ideas, try out the following three tips to find subjects for new blog posts.


Sometimes you need to find a topic about yourself, whether it’s about you as an individual or about your business. After all, this is meant to be a blog about your small business. Is there anything new happening at your business? Maybe there’s a new product coming out or some new research that you’re working on? Employee profiles and behind-the-scenes tours can also make great posts.

Follow the News

People like to read articles related to recent developments, and news stories can provide you with a constant stream of new ideas. Keep an eye on news stories or popular trends to see if there’s anything you can respond to that’s related to your business. Industry developments can work just as well as national news stories. These can be your chance to show your expertise and bring in new readers who are interested in a popular topic.

Answer Your Readers’ Questions

When you can’t come up with ideas, see if your readers have any. Check through your comments and inbox to see if any of your readers have been asking questions. You can also use questions that customers have asked you in person. If you’re stuck, look through the comments section or FAQ pages on related websites. You may find popular questions that you can answer. The great thing about these posts is that readers are practically guaranteed to be interested in them, as you’re answering their questions.

Does your site has the magic?

Over the last couple of years I’ve heard many people bemoan the fact that a lot of websites “are all starting to look the same”. There’s a certain amount of truth in this.


As we find the sweet spot for solving responsive problems, and take on design patterns adopted by huge, successful companies like Apple and Google, many designers become influenced by certain solutions and styles. In short, many sites are sharing the same personality, and fewer and fewer have a unique charm or charisma.

These influences then bleed into templates being implemented by the likes of WordPress, Squarespace, ‘Site of the Day’ type inspiration sites, and frameworks examples and before you know it there are shared personalities spreading like a virus around the globe.

Whether it’s the proliferation of parallax sites, full screen video backgrounds, blurry image banners, the use of frameworks like Bootstrap or flat iconography, these ideas do tend to make sites resemble each other in one way or another.

So how can any site ever hope to stand out in the exponentially growing web, and more importantly, ever hope to be remembered?



The name and brand of your site can of course help enormously to establish character and make your site memorable. If you’ve managed to grab a great brand name and domain, you’ve gone a long way towards being less forgettable. If your URL is you are probably going to have a harder time being remembered let alone pronounced.



A very memorable idea that is currently in the news – ‘Ship Your Enemies Glitter’ – is one of those superbly simple ideas that raises a smile, whilst also being an unforgettable concept.  Unfortunately for the people behind it, it seems that it’s a concept that’s much easier to think of than implement at the kind of scale it quickly reached.



A tried and tested method to make your site memorable is to be one of the first to successfully implement a new technique or concept and to have that passed around in a viral “look at this!” manner. Easier said than done of course.

Memorable examples include the concept behind CSS Zen Garden, horizontal scaling parallax on Silverback, the branding and vertical parallax ideas used by the Nike Better World site (now replaced), the unique awarding winning approach of the site, and one of the first large responsive builds; the Boston Globe.


The original Silverback website implemented a browser resizing parallax effect that was unique back in the day.



On my personal site I’ve tried to make things a little more unique and memorable by using my own illustrations. These also feature myself doing unusual things with ’creatures’ such as an alien wearing underpants and an octopus painting. Hopefully, if nothing else, it’s memorable.

There are of course many illustrative site around the web, that stay lodged in the memory. Andrew Clarke’s scooter guy was highly original in terms of the illustration and the way it responded to different widths, as are the apes on the current Stuff and Nonsense website.


The Mailchimp chimp also formed part of a highly successful brand identifier for a great email marketing service. Of course, the illustration wasn’t instrumental to the success of Mailchimp, but I’m sure it helped to cement the awareness of the service whilst it was becoming established.



The work of Jessica Hische and Mike Kus have been a great inspiration to many web designers looking to create sites with strong lettering and typographic patterns that stand out and project personality beyond the usual corporate uniformity. Most of Mike’s work is generally filled to the brim with charisma. Unfortunately, corporate brand guidelines often stand in the way of including interesting, personality-filled lettering choices in new designs, but maybe it’s time more corporate sites used creative uses of lettering to differentiate themselves online.





Sites that employ animation effects and movement can add a great deal to the user experience and help it stand apart if they are done well.



De Haus is a highly dynamic animated site.

Of course, this is an extreme ‘shop window’ type of site design, not appropriate for many. But smaller pieces of simple animation or movement, such as rollover and transition effects can add a lot of personality to how a site is perceived and remembered.

On the Impelvate site we have employed a transition effect to our responsive viewer that offers a pleasing user experience as well as aiding comprehension of the concept being demonstrated.



Obviously it’s hard to do anything truly unique, but it’s not so hard to give your site more personality. Simply exploring different colour schemes could set a site apart from so many generic looking blue/grey/minimal websites. Using a photographer to explore consistent, creative, photographic ideas rather than reaching for generic stock photography or employing an illustrator to add a little soul to your online presence can make a massive difference to your final product.

Following the herd, looking at your competitors and copying what they do is the safe and easy path. But your site will be lost in the masses and is less likely to ever be remembered.

Find something unique from your business and add it to your site. Make your web presence stand out from that ever growing crowd.


Naman Jain is a UX Design Consultant at Impelvate. If you would like to work with Naman, or any of the other fine Impelvate people, please do get in touch.

Top 7 Reasons to appoint website design Services

Appoint website design Services To stand in today’s global platform website design is an obvious requirement for companies. This ensures product promotion and better services.


Still people often have the delusion that just making a costly site would give them business. A website becomes hit only when it can mark a footprint of the first timers. The new viewers should be converted to customers.

If you too are planning to make your business a hit in the e-world then you should opt for the website design services. It would strengthen your business.


For those who fear in taking the chance of web design, it is matter of time that would transform you thought. Once you somehow come across different entrepreneurs who would talk their success stories with changes in websites and new launch of business schemes online; you would then surely be convinced to run for some solution. But rates may not stay affordable to you all time. With the rising craze of website design prices are expected to soon shoot up one and half times the market rate in near few months. So it is not ‘redesigning’ that is risk but it is that giving onto right hands makes it no-risk and all-gain.


1. Web design- we call it customer delight as it is giving the viewers a fresh experience.


2. Dynamic algorithms demote and promote the sites on searched results. Website revamp services give new scope to elevate the significance of the site on top search engines.


3. Good design gets self spread and auto-promote by folks regularly viewing. An optimum combination of images and content will let you to link with maximum visitors.


4. Theonline marketing plays for every trade. It could also implement for you when you would upkeep a constructive and first-rate web design.


5. Quick navigation from the service webpage to suppose a request form boosts the probability of a viewer to convert to a customer than a multifarious and jumbled site.


6. Before your services are chosen, a visitor would eye for required information. If the site lacks information of services and products, it would distract them to bypass to a competitor’s site.


7. Attractive element additions like videos of walk through can be an enhanced support to the site that would thus not only engage viewers to spend more minutes over your business deals but may also input entire information obligatory to stand on a purchasing decision.


While moving to a website design services provider, their client base should be studied to know how their solutions are craving in business through those sites. Plan once with the right experts and your years ahead would be smooth by the business being taken care.

Website Design: What it is within the website Layout?

There is no doubt that the website layout is one counting factor when it comes to website design. The problem is that while most people agree that the layout of the website is really needed, but some don’t know just exactly why is in it about website design. So why don’t we take a few minutes to explore the world of optimizing your website for an easy use to find out what layout has to do with the art?

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