Website Design: What it is within the website Layout?

There is no doubt that the website layout is one counting factor when it comes to website design. The problem is that while most people agree that the layout of the website is really needed, but some don’t know just exactly why is in it about website design. So why don’t we take a few minutes to explore the world of optimizing your website for an easy use to find out what layout has to do with the art?


2. Where to place important content

website design studies have revealed that most people concentrate on the top and the left side of a web page. Some attention also goes to the middle part of the webpage, creating a pattern that takes the shape of an “F”. This observation suggests that we place our most important content on the left and the top of the web page. That will make it easier for the website users to locate the important information something that brings the aspect of easy usability.


3. Presentation of Text

This has to do with your choice of the font size and style. As much as you would like to come up with a unique website, you should be careful to use a font that is clear.


4. Colors how to use

The wrong choice of the website’s background and foreground color is something that would ruin all your other efforts. A contrast between these two colors makes the website content more visible and the users find it easy to read and comprehend the information. This factor is so important since most users will simply hit the back button on their browser once they land on a page with poor background/foreground contrast.


5. Buttons Importance

I have been on a website that I literally searched for about a minute before I could locate the “Register” button. Well, that’s just one of the important buttons that you should seriously consider where you place them. This rule applies to all navigation buttons and links on your website. Another important trick is to use the custom buttons for functions that are common on the internet. A good example is the RSS feed button. The striped, orange button is common on many websites and its sight will instantly communicate to the website user.