UI Passioned Web Engineering, that is how we develop your website plus make web and mobile apps more user-friendly. And great-looking too!

UI, It more than just making pretty screens. It’s understanding how a user needs to interact with an application in the real world — their world.

It is more than 10 years we are designing and developing Websites and Mobile apps to organizations and startups across the globe using a wide range of technology.

Here is the process how the magic happens, how we design and develop your website and mobile apps, so it is easily accessible and more user friendly by your potential customer.

How we work:

1. User Research

This sounds way fancier than it usually is. Often times it’s simply talking to a few users and watching them use your current (or a competitor’s) application. Or, if appropriate, it’s just talking to your internal team and reviewing user feedback you’ve collected. We document our observations in the form of personas, which serve as the basis for our user interface design recommendations.

2. Wireframes

Wireframes are screen layouts without the aesthetics. They allow us to evaluate functionality and user flows in tangible ways, then make rapid design iterations based on the input from you and development team in weekly project meetings.

3. Visual Design

It’s a given that your user interface will look good. Visual design is near and dear to our hearts at Impelvate. Once we know how the user interface needs to work (thanks to personas and wireframes), we make it beautiful. We’ll use your branding standards to create style guidelines that will aid the team’s future development work.

4. User Testing

Much like user research, user testing sounds more extravagant than it is. We simply put the project in front of users – whether it’s wireframes or a mocked-up prototype – to see how they respond to the new application. Testing before development begins makes it easy to change if users uncover any issues.

5. Markup

This last step creates the presentation layer that the development team will hook their code into. this is how we integrate our design to the developers code and this is how the magic happens.
Good code + Good design = Happy customer 🙂

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